4 thoughts on “July 25, 2015

  1. Thanks again for another great trip report. Decades ago I hiked part of it as the finish of an overnight in Finger Lakes NF (then the Hector Land Use Area) and remember the vineyards you say are now abandoned. No way I could do 19 miles anymore!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jon. My longest single day hike ever was 26.9 miles over some pretty flat terrain. Mostly I stick to between 15 and 20 miles. It is definitely a long day of hiking and I am tired and a little sore by the end.

  2. I enjoyed nearly the same hike late last week. I started at Watkins Glen, hiked to a friend’s on Willow St. in Burdett, was driven to the east end of M16, then hiked back to Burdett (Wed, Thu, Fri). Glad to know they’ve fixed up that bridge; ’twas a bit wobbly when I crossed it. Muddy, wet sections along that old railroad bed looked like they’d take a while to dry out – no place for the water to go! I enjoyed your write-up and photos!

    1. Thanks for the comment Michael, I think I was probably the last hiker to go over the wobbly old bridge. The Alley Cat crew warned me the far side was wobbly and it definitely was. When I came back through it was nice and solid, they do great work. I agree on the muddy sections, I don’t think they would be drying out any time soon either. Glad you enjoyed the write up and photos.

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