The Sixth Hike (Last Hike Of The First Year)

The last hike of my first year (2010) on the FLT. I had perfect weather with bright sunny skies and temperatures starting in the upper 50s and highs in the low 80s. I retraced a little of my previous hike, parking at the north end of the Jim Schug Rail Trail and walking up Lake Road. From Lake Road I made my way across a field and up over the hill. Along the way I stopped to admire some breath-taking views. I arrived at Daisy Hollow Road and made my way up the road to the northern trailhead. From there the trail took me across two small streams and through an area carpeted in bright green ferns. Finally I descended down a steep section of trail with ropes installed as I made my way to Babcock Hollow Road. I took a rest break on a small footbridge over a deep ditch at the side of the road before heading back.

The Fifth Hike

My fifth hike on the FLT and my first single-day 20 mile hike. I started from NY 79 on a cool summer morning that had the promise of a warm day. My trek took me down NY 79 and then up over a hill in Robinson Hollow State Forest. I crossed over Harford Slaterville Road into Hammond Hill State Forest, passing under a tall microwave tower. After leaving the tower behind I descended to cross NY 38 and make a long hot walk along Purvis Road out in the bright sun. I arrived at the Jim Schug Rail Trail (not what I expected) and followed it along toward Lake Road. After a break for lunch on a bench along the rail trail I continued on to Lake Road and then turned onto the road. I left the road and continued across a field heading for what I believed was a road on the other side. At the far side of the field I found it was not a road and decided it was time to turn back. After a long trek back I descended on to Robinson Hollow Road and discovered that I had lost one of the lenses on my sunglasses.

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