Backtracks And Blue Sky

Reading Time: 15 minutes After cancelling hikes in both May and June due to bad weather it was time to get back out. I planned out a longer hike than usual, around 24 miles. Beautiful deep blue skies arched over me on this long hike. I wound my way around fields of new corn and climbed up a ridge line to see an expansive view over the Genesee River Valley. Across the river I made my way down a pleasant path called the Genesee Valley Greenway. After leaving the greenway behind I climbed once again and made my way through a winding wooded trail. The trail opened out in a field and I made my way down the middle with another impressive and expansive view. A road-walk ahead was made somewhat better by the scenery. On my way back I stopped for lunch under a bridge with an artistic and uplifting graffiti. The last few miles of the return hike were hard, but the scenery and views had been worth it and I was rewarded by one last impressive view just before finishing.

Sugar Maple Farm

Reading Time: 15 minutes Another long drive and long hike.  I started my journey in the pre-dawn darkness, arriving at the trailhead shortly after 7 am.  I waded through numerous fields of tall grass still wet with dew, the water slowly seeping into my boots and dampening my socks.  After leaving the fields behind I came to a strange sight of blue tubing criss-crossing the trail and running wild through the woods.  I quickly realized I had found a large sugar maple farm.  After leaving the sugar maple farm behind I took a short road-walk and crossed another field before arriving at NY 19 and CR 3.  A very long slog up CR 3 and I finally came to the trailhead.  Here I discovered the spiral trace of a lightning strike on a tall red pine.  I left the lightning struck tree behind and made my way through a rough section with many small branches down on the trail and three tree falls.  An old growth black cherry tree provided a short scenic detour.  Once again I was back on a road-walk and then took a short wade across Sixtown Creek before climbing up Swift Hill State Forest through a section that had been recently harvested for timber.  I arrived at my turn-around and started my long hike back to my starting point.  After a little over 11 hours and nearly 25 miles I had completed my hike.