August 16, 2014

Reading Time: 9 minutes My previous hike in July had left me with one more hike before I would reach the end of the FLT. I decided to leave that hike for the fall and hopefully get some great pictures with the leaves changing color, unfortunately that hike was still a little too early and the leaves had not changed much. Since I was holding that hike for later I needed another hike. The route on M28 had recently undergone a major change so I decided this was a good time to go back and work on that reroute. The entire reroute would take two hikes, but I could get part of it done this time.

This hike would take me from the Apex Boat Launch on NY 268 near the Cannonsville Reservoir, up to the old O&W Railroad bed and down along old NY 10. I would criss-cross the new NY 10 at several points before joining up with my previous track that went up Beers Brook Rd.

September 19, 2015

Reading Time: 7 minutes FLT Map: NY 268 (M28) east to Old O&W RR Bed (M28) and west to Finch Hollow Rd (M28)

I decided to go back and do a re-route of the main FLT trail on M28 that had been constructed after I had hiked that section. I had already done part of the re-route last August and this would complete the entire new section. Last August I had hiked from NY 268 to Beers Brook Rd and back heading east from NY 268. This time I again started at NY 268 and planned to hike west to Finch Hollow Rd. I had also just gotten a new camera, so I wanted to hike back up to the old O&W railroad bed rock-cut and take some pictures. It added an extra two miles round-trip to re-hike that part of the trail.