A Perfectly Unremarkable Hike

I decided to push and do a longer hike – 23 miles. Getting to the access point proved to be a bit of an adventure; Google only managed to get me close. The weather was great for hiking, cool and sunny. The scenery was nice and the trail was good, but there was nothing special or remarkable about this hike. I pushed hard and kept a faster pace than my usual. The trail crossed over small single-lane dirt roads multiple times as it wound its way along. The best scenery and view came at the turn-around when I arrived at the top of a field and later used a stile to climb over a fence. The hike back was tiring and I repeatedly slammed the toes of my boots against roots and rocks. When I finally arrived back at my car I had one more adventure; leaving the access point was as difficult as it had been to get there.

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