A Perfectly Unremarkable Hike

Reading Time: 14 minutes I decided to push and do a longer hike – 23 miles. Getting to the access point proved to be a bit of an adventure; Google only managed to get me close. The weather was great for hiking, cool and sunny. The scenery was nice and the trail was good, but there was nothing special or remarkable about this hike. I pushed hard and kept a faster pace than my usual. The trail crossed over small single-lane dirt roads multiple times as it wound its way along. The best scenery and view came at the turn-around when I arrived at the top of a field and later used a stile to climb over a fence. The hike back was tiring and I repeatedly slammed the toes of my boots against roots and rocks. When I finally arrived back at my car I had one more adventure; leaving the access point was as difficult as it had been to get there.

Stiles, Pastures, and Switchbacks

Reading Time: 16 minutes A good day for a fall hike. I passed by a small pool of water reflecting the trees and their foliage. Beyond the pool a pond ringed by trees with all the colors of fall. I continued on down switchbacks to NY 70 before reaching my first turn-around. Back up the switchbacks, around the pond and pool and then down the long dirt road of England Hill Road. At NY 70 again, I headed into Swain and then through the town to an old railroad bed which made hiking easy. After leaving the railroad bed a little more road walk before climbing another hill. As I climbed I came to the first of three stiles. I passed through several cow pastures on my way over the hill before finally arriving at my turn around on Slader Creek Road.  My hike concluded with a nearly two mile climb back up England Hill Road.

Streams And Gullies

Reading Time: 13 minutes The “winter that would never end” finally broke and I was able to take my first hike of 2018.  I picked up where I left off last fall and continued heading west from Kennedy Road.  The trail took me around a farm and up a hill.  Over the next four miles I crossed 14 streams and gullies, some barely a dip in the trail, but others forced me to carefully pick my way down and scramble back up the other side. 

After navigating the streams and gullies I came to a long road-walk down Fox Hill Road.  From there I hiked along Keshequa Creek and then up Cheese Factory Road.  After a short hike through the woods I arrived at Smith Hill Road.  A red fox scooted across the road and a farm dog joined me for a short walk.  I passed another hiker out enjoying the nice weather just before reaching Short Tract Road and my turn-around.   

A quick lunch and I pressed on as fast as I could racing the sun.  I trudged up the long climb on the road-walk up Fox Hill Road.  After leaving the road I entered the stream and gully section of the trail and slipped and slid down the banks and scrambled back up the other side over and over.  Finally I came back down the hill behind the farm and turned onto Kennedy Road, only to be confronted by a train barreling down the tracks between me and my car.

Backtracks And Blue Sky

Reading Time: 15 minutes After cancelling hikes in both May and June due to bad weather it was time to get back out. I planned out a longer hike than usual, around 24 miles. Beautiful deep blue skies arched over me on this long hike. I wound my way around fields of new corn and climbed up a ridge line to see an expansive view over the Genesee River Valley. Across the river I made my way down a pleasant path called the Genesee Valley Greenway. After leaving the greenway behind I climbed once again and made my way through a winding wooded trail. The trail opened out in a field and I made my way down the middle with another impressive and expansive view. A road-walk ahead was made somewhat better by the scenery. On my way back I stopped for lunch under a bridge with an artistic and uplifting graffiti. The last few miles of the return hike were hard, but the scenery and views had been worth it and I was rewarded by one last impressive view just before finishing.

Sugar Maple Farm

Reading Time: 15 minutes Another long drive and long hike.  I started my journey in the pre-dawn darkness, arriving at the trailhead shortly after 7 am.  I waded through numerous fields of tall grass still wet with dew, the water slowly seeping into my boots and dampening my socks.  After leaving the fields behind I came to a strange sight of blue tubing criss-crossing the trail and running wild through the woods.  I quickly realized I had found a large sugar maple farm.  After leaving the sugar maple farm behind I took a short road-walk and crossed another field before arriving at NY 19 and CR 3.  A very long slog up CR 3 and I finally came to the trailhead.  Here I discovered the spiral trace of a lightning strike on a tall red pine.  I left the lightning struck tree behind and made my way through a rough section with many small branches down on the trail and three tree falls.  An old growth black cherry tree provided a short scenic detour.  Once again I was back on a road-walk and then took a short wade across Sixtown Creek before climbing up Swift Hill State Forest through a section that had been recently harvested for timber.  I arrived at my turn-around and started my long hike back to my starting point.  After a little over 11 hours and nearly 25 miles I had completed my hike.

Under 100

Reading Time: 13 minutes Another early start and long drive to reach the trailhead.  I pressed my luck and drove on fumes to reach one of the few 24-hour gas stations on the drive.  Thick fog banks along the route made for a stressful drive.  The sky finally began to lighten as I neared my destination.  A few minutes from the trailhead I broke free of the fog to see it settled in the valley in front of me as the rising sun colored the sky.

I arrived at the trailhead a few minutes later and began a short walk through the woods.  At Rushford Road I began a long five-mile road walk.  After finally finishing the road walk I took a short break before heading on.  Another short walk through the woods and I arrived at West Branch Road for another road-walk.  A short “jog” off Stebbins Road gave a brief respite from the road-walking.  I arrived at my turn-around and started back.  A stop for lunch and a rest at a tent site off West Branch Road before heading back to Huyck Road and the long road-walk.

Finally back at the trailhead on Rushford Road I took a short break.  A little over a mile back to my car and my mind began to play the “what-if” game; I wondered if I had left a map light on in my car and if the battery was dead.  I arrived back at my car to find I had not left the light on and the batter was not dead.  After changing and stowing my gear I headed back on the long drive home.

Slip And Slide

Reading Time: 14 minutes First hike of the 2019 season arrived with cool temperatures and mainly cloudy skies. It also arrived with lots of mud and wet patches. I started off with a 2.5 hour drive to the trailhead, and arrived just after the sun began to shine. The trail took me through two hollows and across a few streams. I entered a dark and chilly pine forest and descended across a patch of ice.

The trail wound its way past a nice picnic/rest area near Harwood Haven Campground before entering the campground. A long road-walk along NY 98 and then Kingsbury Hill Road followed. From there I made my way through mud and much on an old logging skid and then down past a house where dozens of chickens surrounded me.

After leaving the chickens behind I made my way to a very busy NY 16 and another road-walk. The walk along NY 16 was thankfully short and I arrived at Bear Creek Road. Finally I arrived at my turn around point on Bear Creek Road, took a few pictures, and made my way back.

Blue Skies To Gray

Reading Time: 14 minutes Another long drive to the trailhead, nearly three hours. I met up with a new hiking partner on this hike, Chase. Cool temperatures, but sun a bright blue skies greeted us for a 7 am start. We waded up through wet grass from Bear Creek Road and took in a view from a power line right-of-way. That view was only a taste. As we continued along we encountered several more incredible views.

An incredible pallet of colors painted the view around a small pond off Jackson Forest Road. From there we made our way to Boyce Hill Lean-to for a short break and then continued on yo NY 242. By the time we reached the road the skies had clouded over. After leaving NY 242 we climbed over a railroad track and across a foot bridge. The trail continued on through the woods before finally arriving at Fancy Tract Road.

We hiked up the road until it turned into Canada Hill Road and we arrived at the next trailhead. This was our turn-around and a good place to stop for lunch. After a nice lunch break we made our way back. Along the way we helped a landowner push his stuck riding mower out of a muddy rut. As we neared the end of our hike we found a small section of trail we had missed in the morning; it was narrow and rough and took us down some steep switchbacks. Finally we arrived back at our cars a a little before 4:30 pm.

Shorter Than Planned

Reading Time: 18 minutes I planned out a 22.5 mile hike and started my long drive in the darkness of early morning. At 6:40 am I pulled my car to the side of South Canada Hill Road and started my hike a few minutes later. The trail climbed up to the top of the hill and then descended down the other side. A swarm of deer flies attacked me as I neared Fancy Track Road and I had to swat and move fast to keep from getting bitten. I crossed an old railroad track and stopped to take photos of the track as it faded into the distance.

Another climb took me up up past a memorial trail register and then down across a series of boardwalks, down a staircase, and across a footbridge over a small stream. The trail continued on up to the top of the hill and presented me with an incredible panorama as I waded up through the field of tall grass. The trail descended to Brennen Road where I snacked on some wild strawberries.

I continued on up a hollow to Irish Hill Road then descended down through a logging skid to Cotter Road. The trail leaving Cotter Road was difficult to follow with blazes not clearly visible. I climbed up a steep slope after crossing a small stream. The trail continued on around a hill and then descended to parallel US 219. The path was rocky, muddy, and slippery and I struggled my way along until I finally came to the US 219 crossing.

Once across the busy road I made my way down to the stream crossing through shoulder-high weeds. At the bottom of the descent I came to an impassable crossing. The stream had flooded and there was no way to continue on. Disappointed I turned back before reaching my planned goal.

I made my way back up, crossed over US 219, and then along the difficult path. I trudged up Cotter Road and paused for a break in a staging area for a logging operation. After a break I started another climb up Irish Hill. I continued on and once again stopped at Brennan Road for a few wild strawberries. Another break on a tractor path leading to the field at the top of the hill.

Two dogs coming down the trail gave me a fright and they retreated in front of me as I made my way up to the field. I crossed the small stream, climbed the staircase, and crossed the boardwalks. Soon I was back on Fancy Track Road and turning off on the last leg to S. Canada Hill Road.

Just after leaving Fancy Track Road I encountered another hiker who had gotten turned around. She was going the same direction I was so we walked together. Three times we lost our way and had to backtrack. Finally we came to the field above South Canada Hill Road and made our way down.

Up The Downhill

Reading Time: 18 minutes I started my hike at the next road crossing west of US 219 where I had been turned back previously. After hiking to the top of a ridge above US 219 I was once again force to turn back; this time due to briars and an eroded path down the steep slope. After returning to my starting point I continued on west on the trail, passing through a future housing development and on up over a hill.

I descended down to Maples Road and made my way across a yard next to a barn. At the back of the yard I was unable to find a blaze and had to navigate using my digital map. Once back on the trail I climbed up another hill and around the side; blazes infrequent. The trail finally brought me down to NY 242 in Ellicottville.

I crossed NY 242 and continued my way into Holimont Ski Area. The trail took my up the ski slopes at an angle and then across the top past three ski lifts. After leaving the lifts behind I passed three ponds. A man and his dog, Reggie, were fishing at one, and a small beach full of families ended the third.

I continued on out to McCarthy Hill Road and then started back. At the beach area I stopped to rest in one of a pair of lean-tos. My track took me back along the top of the dike by one of the ponds and then back past the lifts and down the slope. I climbed up the hill and around and then back down to the yard on Maples Road.

One last steep climb greeted me on the other side of Maples Road. I slogged my way up the hill, pausing for a rest at a memorial bench before proceeding on. Finally I was descending back down through the future housing development and back to my car.